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Hiking in Gavá, the Castell d´ Eramprunyà and the Roca Foradada

Beautiful circular route through the Parc del Garraf. The Mediterranean forest paths take us to the small town of La Sentiu and to Can Dardena from where we will go up to the Castell de l´Eramprunyà. This SX fortification was built to defend against the Muslim invasion. The remains of the castle are located on top of a mountain between cliffs with magnificent views of the Llobregat delta and part of Garraf. We will continue the walk down the Pineda Plana and we will see the "roca foradada" curiously eroded by the wind. We will finish heading to the Serra de Queral and return to the starting point of the route.

What Brig:

  • Water

  • It is essential to bring mountain shoes (sneakers are not enough)

  • optional sticks 

  • Breakfast and lunch - picnic: nuts, dark chocolate, sandwich, salad, etc.

  • Mask: mandatory for use in public transport and urban areas on the way to the starting point of the route. Optional during the hiking trail if you can keep a safe distance.

Level: Intermediate - Moderate
Distance: 13 km approx.
  4:30 hours approx. Slope:  468m
Meeting point:
  08:30 in Paseo de Gracia Renfe – in the hall where tickets are sold at the box office (with Renfe employees) you enter through Calle Aragón and Paseo de Gracia. We will take the 08:38 train and arrive in Gavà at 09:21. Those who want to meet at the Gavà Renfe station, please indicate this when signing up.

Advertised day tour price:
€10 per person. Groups of maximum 15 people.
Does not include transport price or drink.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------
Private tour price with date chosen by the client:
€175 per tour from 1 to 5 people.
Groups of 6 people or more add €10 per person. Groups of maximum 8 people. Price includes the guided tour, a vermouth and a tapa. Additional drinks and tapas are not included in the price.

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